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Gigantic Banana Split Sundae

This is an event that will get everybody talking, not just the kids but the adults as well.

We were trying to kick off our new program and we wanted to have something that the kids would enjoy eating. So we thought…what do kids like to eat? ICE CREAM! so we decided that we had to make it creative. We went to our local hardware store and purchased two big rain gutters. We cleaned them out and put a scoop or two of ice cream about 1 1/2 inches apart in the rain gutter. We then had bananas, sprinkles, caramel & choc sauce and other things to make a banana split. Each kid had their own area and each kid made their own banana split. In the end we had one gigantic banana split and the kids loved eating out of the rain gutters!

If you have a really good hardware store like we do, they might even let you take the rain gutters back after you clean them out. We even told them what we were using them for and they still took them back for us. They also thought it was a “cool” idea.

Have fun with this one!

by Celebration Park


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