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Super Sunday Night

Super Sunday night is a once a month evening event. This event is theme based and allows all the children get involved. This month the theme is “Stars”. We will have service outside under the stars as we play “Gamma Games” and eat star shapes cookie. We will have a “SUPER STAR PANEL” which will include a Sport Star(Dunk Master J), a Rock Star(Oshgosh Josh), a Movie Star(Joe cool) and a Wanna be Star(our resident clown, Bubbles). On the order of the old show “WHATS MY LINE”, the children question all the panelist. Our talk show Interviewer, end the questioning with the famous line “WILL THE REAL SUPER STAR PLEASE STAND UP”. Our new convert Bubbles stands, the real super star now lives in her. We end the evening with a Celestial Fashion Fling. An award goes to the most outrageous Star Fashion. Everyone receives a little star keychain as a memento of the evening. Super Sunday Night’s can be a real BLAST !!

by Brenda Clayburn

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