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Kidnap Breakfast

This is an idea for an event we did with Girl Scouts. What Fun! Plan ahead and let the parents in on this one. One Saturday morning, have a driver for each group of kids (count seatbelts in their vehicle minus one for driver). Have planned with the parents to come by their house around 7:30 to kidnap their child. Wake them up … they have to put on slippers … not brush their teeth or hair … and come with you to the next kidnapee’s house. Everyone comes in the jammies and looking like they just crawled out of bed. Meet at a local fast food restaurant … you’ll get lots of stares and have loads of fun. Maybe a really fast-food devotional at the end, but keep this one fun. Also, to make it an outreach idea, you might ask the parents to casually "suggest" to their kids to have a friend stay over the night before, so that they get kidnapped too. But, keep it all a secret from the kids.

by Ginger Lewis

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