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Chip Crawl

Social Event – takes form of treasure hunt. In your own local area devise a simple treasure hunt map. eg. from your church around area – locate 4 chip shops (eating places – identified with children) Children can be in cars or walking. Arrange children in teams and give team name. Treasure hunt first stop at first chippie or eating place (eg. KFC) A member of group enters into shop and buys one portion of food and then goes back to their own team mates. Each child samples chips and answers questions on questionairee form – eg (bag of chips) Questionairre Form – picture of chip at top – list as many questions as possible regarding chip eg. is it too salty, greasy, price of chips, was service good, bad chip, too thin, too fat, ok, not enouth vinegar, how was it wrapped – add as many as you like – have rating score at top or bottom eg. 1 – 10. Treasure hunt continues – repeat this during 4/5 chip stops (as you wish) Keep individual scores of each chip shop stop. At end of destination of treasure hunt – agree on best chip shop and then let them return and purchase a final chip/drink each as reward. (end up somewhere like park, beach for epilogue/singsong – this is good outreach programme. Can be used for family fun evening (P.A.K.T.) PARENTS AND KIDS TOGETHER.

by Mary Henderson

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