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Get Wet Sunday

This elementary age event must be well announced and advertised. Have kids come with swimsuits under clothes that will be OK getting soaked. Kids have a blast with this one and are eager to bring their friends. Adult and teen helpers have a great time too.

Pick a Sunday morning during the Summer and set up a mini-waterpark on your church property. Because of the terrain on our church property, we set up a 100 foot waterslide using 6 mil. poly and strategicly located sprinklers. I made a water balloon slingshot using surgical tubing attached to two posts planted in the ground. I set up targets for the kids to shoot at. This slingshot shoots waterballoons over 100 yards. I Purchased inexpensive plastic spray bottles for water squirting games. The local fire department sends a tanker fire truck over and the kids get to explore the fire truck as well as get doused by a whole tanker load of water. Your only limited by your imagination as to what type and how many games you can have for this outreach event.

Have an appropriate time in the schedule to have a devotion and a time for children to accept Christ as Savior.

by Gary L. Johnson

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