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Great Indoor/Outdoor Camping Adventure

Bible References: Genesis Chapter 1

Items needed

3 Man tent — the kind that easily pops up on 2 flexible poles.

Sleeping Bag

Blanket for your ‘picnic’

Back pack filled with camping items ie: canteen, thermos (filled with kool aid) empty match book, empty insect repellent, and one flashlight. Play picnic utensils (plates cups spoons etc)

Rubber snake

Plastic insects



Red and Yellow Cellophane

Sticks to build a ‘fire’

Two flashlights

Glow in the dark stars and moons placed on the ceiling

The set up: Pitch tent. Put pillow and sleeping bag inside. Leave all flaps open so kids can explore freely. Spread out picnic blanket and set up with back pack and it’s contents. Talk about why you would need to carry such items as a thermos, matches etc.

Hide the snake behind the plant and place the bugs throughout the room…just like the real outdoors.

Place a small flashlight, already turned on, on the floor. This is going to be a part of your fire. Loosely wad up the yellow and red cellophane and place over the flashlight. Use the sticks to build a fire over the cellophane. The cellophane will look like a fire burning.

Turn the lights out and close the window blinds/shutters/curtains. Have everyone lie back and stare up at the sky. Talk about what Jesus and his disciples may have seen at night while resting or talk about the creation of the stars, sun and moon.

Serve smores as a snack

Recipe for Smores

Halved Graham Crackers (two halves for each child)

1 Large marshmallow (or to save time you can use marshmallow cream)

Peanut butter

Half a hershey’s plain chocolate bar (or to save time you can use chocolate frosting


Spread peanut butter on one half of graham cracker. Place marshmallowon top of peanut butter and chocolate on top of that. Cover with remaining half of grahm cracker. Place in oven set on 350 degrees until chocolate and marshmallow have melted. OR alternate s’more method

Spread peanut butter on one half of graham cracker, then marshmallow cream, then chocolate frosting. Cover with remaining half of graham cracker.

This is an exciting activity. The kids in my church have come to expect me to take them camping twice a year when they graduate into my class. It’s quite a lot of work but well worth it in the end.

by Melissa Murphy


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