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Wacky Water Relays (event)

Have a church picnic and put together some silly water game competitions for dads & their kids. Be sensitive to the issue that some children don’t have dads. Be sure to allow either another male role model or mom to compete. (Many churchs have men who have been cleared to work with children who volunteer to be adopted dads for such events.) Here are some game ideas:

1. Dad sits on the edge of a bucket. The child runs back and forth, retrieving water in a pail and brings the pail to dad. The child then stands with his back to dad and holds the pail over his head and attempts to dump the water into dads bucket. Of course dad is going to get soaked. The winner is the one who first fills his bucket to a designated line.

2. Have the child lie on the ground on his back, holding a pail on his forehead. Dad runs and retrieves water in a pail and then comes back to the child. Standing by the child with the pail attached to his forehead, he attempts to dump the water into the child’s pail. The winner is the one who first fills the child’s pail. Of course, the child will be soaked.

3. Then there’s the water balloon toss. Dad and child toss a water balloon back and forth as they continue to move further a part until they burst their water ballooon. Mark off the throw lines ahead of time so that everyone is throwing from the same distance each time. Allow them to use their shirts to help them catch the balloon. The game will last longer this way. Winners will be the pair that tosses the balloon the farthest and still catches the balloon without breaking it.

4. Drawing. Have a drawing for a prize: a water gun for dad & kids. Give dad the bigger water gun!

5. Dunk tanks are a lot of fun if you can afford to rent one. Let dads attempt to dunk their kids.

by Sheila Clark

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