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A Taste of Heaven

Want to give your kids a tast of what heaven will be like? Obviously, we’ll never be able to show kids what heaven will really be like, we don’t have anything on ths earth that could possibly compare to how amazing it will be. But, I think it is important to get kids excited about going there and making Jesus the center of it all.

My idea was to bring the kids into my humble version of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. I wanted to make it something that kids would get excited about, but emphasize the true scripture and how exciting it will be to be in the presence of Jesus.

Prior to our service (which I did on a Sunday night with about 40-50 kids), I set up several long tables end to end in a cross shape. I kept the legs of the tables folded in and layed them down on cinder blocks so that the kids could sit on the floor (this added for fun and effect). At the top of the cross, I placed a large chair dressed in white and gold fabric. I placed flood lights behind this chair to make it glow. I used simple plants and more floodlights around the room for decoration and turned off the the main lights. On the tables, I used simple table cloths, confetti, etc… to make it look nice. There were bright cupcakes and pretty punch at each place setting prior to kids arriving.

Before allowing the kids to enter the room, I talked to them about the marriage supper of the lamb. I asked them to be very respectful when entering the room. I then took them to the pre-set room and led them each to their seat. As kids ate, I asked them questions about what they thought heaven would be like. Of course we brought special attention to the head seat which was set for Jesus.

This was an exciting night for our kids that they will not soon forget and trust that with a bit of creativity it will be the same for yours.

Trista Logering

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