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Summer Reading Club

We’re trying to get kids to read good Christian books during the summer so this is what we’ve done.

Lemone’s Books and Bananas Reading Club

This summer, collect all the bananas with Lemone!

Lemone (our girl gorilla friend) is leading a book reading club this summer!

Have you heard of the Englishman who went up the hill to collect all the bananas? Well, Lemone is encouraging all of the (Children’s Church Name) kids to go up to the (Children’s Church Name) library and collect a bunch of books this summer. Fact is, you may earn banana points to receive a number of prizes (including a banana split!) by reading books from our library.

Here’s a number of different ways you may earn prizes:

#1. Every time you check out a book you’ll receive some fruit candy and a banana. The paper banana works as a book reading registration form. It needs to be filled out and signed by your guardian after you’ve read the book.

#2. When you return your read book and turn in your banana form you will receive a bonus 5 hearts on your heart card!

#3. The librarian will keep track of the number of books you read. If you read three or more books in two weeks, your name will be placed in a bag for a prize drawing. This prize drawing will happen with new names every two weeks. The dates of those prize drawings will be ____________________.

#4. Once you have read a total of ten books you will receive a coupon for a free banana split!

#5. The child who reads the most books by Aug.__ will receive an all expense paid trip to Chuck E. Cheese! (Pizza included.)

Note: Please note that the library workers will be making sure that you are reading books that fit your reading capability. What that means is, most sixth graders will not be allowed to read a coloring book and count that. For third through sixth graders, a book will need to be about a sixty page minimum to count as a book. Younger children may have a parent or sibling read to them and it will count.

Only books from the (Children’s Church Name) library will count in this book reading contest unless pre-approved by Pastor _______ or the library workers. We want to insure that our children are reading good wholesome Christ-centered material. If you have any questions you may call Pastor _____________. Check ’em out!

© by Rev. Randy Christensen
Children’s Pastor

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