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Special Summer Events

Bible Memorization Olympics. Challenge the boys and girls to learn Bible verses. As they do so, they can earn bronze, silver, and gold medals. Select a list of appropriate verses for each age group. The children do not race with other boys and girls to learn verses fast, but work at their own speed. Schedule times for the verses to be recited. Set a date for an award ceremony. Be sure all who have participated in the Olympics receive a bronze medal. Those who complete certain assignments can be awarded silver and gold medals.
Bike Scavenger Hunt. The children meet at a central location with their bicycles. Divide into teams, with an adult sponsoring each group. Hand out sheets with scavenger hunt locations and questions. Each team rides their bikes to the places listed, records the answers, and then returns to the original meeting place. Teams should be sent in different directions, but covering the same locations.

Examples: Petal to Fremont elementary School (6600 Ralston Road). How many links are in the swing chain? Bike to the Cycle and Hobby Shop (6925 Ralston Road). How many bells are hanging over the door? Ride to the Hallmark store (7546 Oak). How many owls are on display in the front window? Go to the Smith Construction Company (7944 Oak). What two credit cards are displayed on their front window?

Frisbee Golf Tournament. This event is like miniature golf except Frisbees are used instead of balls and clubs. Numbers are attached to trees in a large area. Boys and girls begin at Start. They toss their Frisbees to the first number; keeping track of how many tries it took. A scorekeeper keeps records. If the church does not have enough Frisbees, the children can bring their own.

Gigantic Scavenger Hunt. Do your church grounds and surrounding areas need to be cleaned? Divide children into teams for a gigantic scavenger hunt. The one coming back with the most trash receives a prize. All should receive something for being involved, with the winners getting something extra. Boys and girls can be challenged to continue being Trash Detectives to help care for God’s beautiful world. A gigantic scavenger hunt can also be used to collect needed items for vacation Bible school craft projects. Print a list of needed items in the church newsletter, alerting people that on a certain date children will be coming to their homes searching for these items. Enlist parents to drive cars and assign areas.

Hidden Treasure Search. Boys and girls follow a set of clues leading to a treasure which could be treats or lunch. This event can take place indoor, outside, or both. After the treasure has been found, children can play organized games.

H. O. P. (Help Other People) Day. Boys and girls go to the homes of elderly people and help by cleaning, washing cars, dusting, raking, and other chores.

It’s A Secret! Select a place the children will enjoy visiting such as the zoo or a museum. Tell the boys and girls that an event has been planned especially for them, but it’s a secret! For added fun, let the pupils guess where they are going.

Nonsense Olympics. Webster defines nonsense as conduct that is absurd or ridiculous. A Nonsense Olympics involves competition that is ridiculous but lots of fun! Set up events such as: discus throw using paper plates; javelin throw using straws; diving with each person tossing jelly beans into a container of water; one-yard dash by pushing Trix cereal across the floor with a pencil; indoor mile by going 50 feet with hands on ankles; shot putt using large marshmallows; three-legged race using standard rules; and so forth.

Peanut Hunt/Whacky Volleyball Combo. Buy a large bag of peanuts. Toss them into a grassy area. Give each child a paper sack. At a signal, start hunting for peanuts, dropping into the sack as discovered. See who gets the most, and then enjoy eating them! This event will not take long, so play whacky volleyball. if you do not have a volleyball net, tie rope between two trees. Use a large beach ball and follow regular volleyball rules.

Safari Search. Go to a designated area or walk through a neighborhood and search for colors, sounds and textures. Each adult team leader makes a list, such as: red rose; dog barking; and rough stick. Award prizes at the end to everyone for participation. This is a great opportunity to talk about God’s beautiful world!

Sensational Summer Reading Safari. Develop a library of worthwhile reading material for boys and girls which will help them become grounded in Christian principles. Organize a Sensational Summer Reading Safari, offering the boys and girls opportunity to take an adventurous reading journey. Offer 5,000 points for each book read during the months of June, July and August. Set up a store where these points may be cashed in. You may find businesses willing to donate items for this project.

Used with permission. The above article contains excerpts from “Oodles of Ideas for Children’s Leaders” and “Game and Party Ideas for Children.”
© by Betty Robertson
Creative Christian Ministries

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