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Barefoot Olympics

On a week when our Bible story was Jesus washing the disciples feet, we decided to celebrate that in a special way. We advertised the Barefoot Olympics for our Sunday morning kids service. When the kids arrived, we had games set up that all had something to do with feet, and they all had to check their shoes at the door. Each child received a paper foot necklace and at each game they played, they got a foot sticker on their necklace. Some of the games were as follows…Barefoot Basketball, with 2 big trashcans, chairs for each team spread out and facing their own baskets (Trashcans) and a huge ball… I’m talking really huge. Kids could only use their feet to move the ball and try and score baskets by kicking the ball into their own trashcan. We dug for treasure in a swimming pool full of packing peanuts, we played hot potato with our feet, we popped bubbles with our toes, we ran relays over plastic packing bubbles, we had a balloon stomp relay and much more. Needless to say the kids and adults who helped had a blast. Tons of parents stayed that day we were having so much fun. After everyone had a chance to play most everything, we transitioned to our service with praise music and then we held a footwashing. We had circles of chairs already set up at the other end of our room and kids got their feet washed by adults and parents making a commitment to serve our kids. It was great because normally, getting their feet washed might have made them feel uncomfortable, but after playing tons of games with their feet and laughing and enjoying one another, their hearts were open wide to receive from the Lord. It was awesome and incredible and the kids and adults will never forget this special day. It was such a hit, we’ve decided to make it an annual event. I’ve already had kids asking when we are going to do it again. This year we are calling it the Barefoot Olympics Beach Party. We have been on a ship all year on an Awesome Adventure with God, so we are going to set our ship on the beach and have
by Shelli R. Chronister


Lessons with Olympic Themes for Kid’s Ministry – Children’s Ministry Today

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