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Kids Night Out

Here’s an extra curricular idea for you that doesn’t take a great deal of planning or preparation. Plan a "Kids Night Out" for your elementary aged kids. If the budget is an issue, you can easily charge $2 – $3 per child to help cover the expenses. An event like this will help develop a bond and deeper relationship between you and the children you are ministering to.  Here’s the over all plan for the evening.

Ø –While they arrive, have a game of kick ball started, or do another similar activity that kids can join as they are coming in. (This is a must! Remember, that the kids know they are coming out for a night of fun. If you just let them show up and hang out for 10 to 15 minutes without a structured activity while everyone is coming in, then you’ll end up with a bunch of rowdy, possibly out of control, kids and you don’t want that to happen.)

Ø –Once everyone is there, finish the activity and move on to the second event. (You may want to go ahead and have the children get into groups of two or three. They should remember their buddies so they can quickly team up again later in the evening for any special activities you may have planned.)

Ø –After about 15 or 20 minutes, move on to the third activity. This is a good time to move from a large group game to smaller group games. You may wish to round up numerous games that do not take long to play. For example, Mad Gab is much shorter than Monopoly. Allow the teams to choose a board game station and play for this segment.

Ø –Now it’s time for some FOOD! Pull out the chips, cookies, hot dogs, popcorn, and sugar-free punch!

Ø –There’s nothing better than to watch a 30-minute "G"-rated video while you’re eating.

Ø –Since they are all seated and slowed down. Take the next 10 to 15 minutes to present a short devotional. You may wish to make it interactive by involving several of the kids.

Ø –Now, let’s wind them all back up with another large group game while their parents arrive to pick them up. (As the crowd dwindles, you can ask some of the kids to help you pick up and put some stuff away.)

by Rev. Gary R. Linn

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