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Get Kids to Remember Books of the Bible!

This game went hand-in-hand with my (very short) message of how God’s Word is our roadmap for life.

I made two very large (approx. 4′ by 10′) roadmaps on rolled paper with markers. The road was a curving double line with the names of the books of the bible in order along it. I put one of these maps on each end of the classroom walls, and put masking tape rolls by each book name.

The class was divided into two teams, and each team received a basket of brightly colored car-shaped cardstock. (I drew a crude car shape and copied 4 of them on each sheet of 65# Astrobright, then cut them out). On the cars were written one Bible book. Each team had a full set of cars.

The object was to run up to the map (one at a time!) and stick one Bible-book car to its proper place (simply match Job-to-Job, Esther-to Esther, etc). The first team to complete their map won prizes!

I saved the maps and cars and can reuse them. In fact, we played the game twice that day. For a longer-lasting version, the map could be made of felt or flannel, and the cars as well. Since felt sticks to felt, no velcro should be needed.

It’s a bit of time to cut out all of those cars, but well worth it. I only cut out 57 for each team, since I put 1-2-3 John all on one car, 1-2 Kings, etc.

by Gennah Hill

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