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Scripture Clues

Each Sunday, in our Children’s Church time, we present the children with a scripture clue.

Here’s how it works. They receive a clue about something in the Old Testament, or New Testament. The clue is about a person, a place, or an event. We let them know which one it’s from.(O.T. or N.T.)

They are to remember the clue, and go home to research out where in the Bible it shows that clue. If they feel they’ve found the correct answer to solve the clue,then they let us know the next week.

They have to tell us the answer, and where in scripture they found it. It is teaching the children, that they need to dig deeper in the Word.

They can use concordances, etc.,so that allows them to see how references help with our studying.

We’ve given out a prize to the one who can solve the clue. If no one has, we give another clue, each week, until someone does. We told the children there would be one winner per clue, before this started, and I’m glad we did, because we’ve had a great response with it. What we do is put the children’s name in a drawing, if there’s more than one correct answer. That person gets the bigger prize, which could be a small stuffed animal, toy, etc. The others get a piece of candy, sticker, etc. They all receive a certificate saying they solved that scripture clue.

An example clue could be:Moses

Clues would be: #1 He let his brother talk for him. #2 He led people to a land he was not allowed to go into. #3 He was placed in a basket, and put in the Nile River, as a baby, etc. Clues start harder, and then get easier.

We give the clue before, and after the class. It’s the childs responsibility to write it down, or remember it. It’s been alot of fun, and it’s great to see that the children had to be in the Word sometime during the week.

by Donna Vondran

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