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Getting Scripture in Their Hearts

Last year we started a club to get kids to memorize and know scriptures. We have a new scripture each month, kids say the scripture and have a sticker put on our wall chart. We go over the scriptures every Sunday in Praise World ( takes about 1 minute) everyone saying them. At the end of the year we give trophies to those who have learned all 12 scriptures. The first year we had 7 kids to get trophies, this year we had 21 get trophies. We also do a lesson the first Sunday of each month about that month’s scripture ( so they will have understanding). Our kids named this H.O.L.Y. kids. H-hear, O-obey,L-learn, and Y-yield to Gods Word. This one thing has got our kids really active and with understanding of more scriptures than any other program we have tried. Be Blessed in the Name of Jesus!
Sandra Raburn, Children’s Pastor


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