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Memorizing Philippians 4:8 thru Puppetry

We have put this verse to music and we sing the song about— if we get bad thoughts or bad dreams the we sing the verse. We get some puppets up front and as we mention bad thougths bad things or bad dreams then the puppets start to shake as in fear. Then we say the verse and the —- alligator puppet comes along and EATS ALL THOSE BAD THINGS AWAY. (Remember what the verse’s address is 4: 8 or ATE) Then we sing —Let’s think about good things — Let’s think about pure things –Let’s think about praise worthy things —- Let’s think about the LORD and all the kids shout LORD and hold it. It is a great way to help them realize that the Lord takes away our fears if we think about Him and pray to Him.

The kids love to act this out with some being the little animal puppets that have the fears and then one or two being the alligator puppets that come along and EAT those fears away.

by Betty Isaac

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