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God’s Hand In Our Lives

(Hold the puppet up, letting it hang limp) This is (puppets name). He doesn’t quite look like he usually does. He doesn’t have a hand right now to help him move. (Lay the puppet on a podium, or somewhere else visible) So does that mean he can go do whatever he wants now? No! That’s the way a person is that doesn’t have God’s hand in their lives. Some people think that without God they can do whatever they want without anyone telling them what to do. But really, they’re just like (puppets name) is right now. (Pick up puppet and put him on you’re hand. Make him look around, move, wave, etc.) But when God’s hand is in our lives, that’s when we are really able to live. (You may wish to use a puppet that isn’t familiar to the kids to help maintain the suspension of disbelief when using your usual puppet characters.)
by Sarah Brown

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