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The Rules – Puppet Skit

(Adapt this script to fit your setting and rules)

Pastor: We have four rules in S.P.I. Kids. Who can tell me what they are?

Puppet: (puppet pops up shouting and jumping up and down waving its arm) "oh, oh, oh, I know what they are Pastor Paul!"

Pastor: Ok, are you sure you know them?

Puppet: Yes, yes, yes, I know them. Pleeeease can I tell them.

Pastor: Ok, what is rule number one.

Puppet: Everyone, (shouts) SHUTUP!

Pastor: Hey you know using the word shutup is very rude. We don’t want to use that word in S.P.I. kids. But, we do want everyone listening and not talking to their neighbor during S.P.I. Kids. So, rule number 1 is no talking when Pastor Paul is talking or another leader is up here, everyone is listening.

Puppet: "Jumping up and down waving its arm frantically) Oh, oh, oh, I know what rule number two is!

Pastor: What is rule number two?

Puppet: No slapping, spitting, biting, drooling, punching, or kissing your neighbor!

Pastor: Well, that’s sort of right. Rule number two is, keep your hands and your feet and everything else to yourself. Don’t bug the person on your left, right, in front of you or behind you.

Puppet: Pastor Paul, I know what would work reeealy good for rule number three.

Pastor: What would work really well for rule number three?

Puppet: Super glue!

Pastor: Super Glue?

Puppet: Yes, super glue. Because rule number three is, stay in your seat. So, if we super glue everyone to their seats they won’t be able to break the rule.

Pastor: Wait a minute we can’t super glue the kids to their seats! Rule number three is stay in your seat unless you are asked to get out of it. There will be times for the kids to get up and move around, so we can’t super glue them. I think our S.P.I. kids will obey this rule without super glue.

What is rule number four?

Puppet: Oh, oh, oh, I know, I know

Pastor: Ok, tell us what rule number four is

Puppet: Ummmmmmmmmm, I forgot.

Pastor: Kids do you remember what rule number four is (Let kids respond "Have Fun")

by Pastor Paul Anglemyer

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