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Missing What? Oh a Family! (need family to celebrate) -Puppet Skit

Hello, I have been teaching Sunday School off and on starting in 1983, when I was still a kid myself. I started teaching preschool kids in 2000. We use David Cook’s teaching material. After the individual class time, we all (about 80 preschool kids) come together for worship time. I put on a short skit or puppet show for the kids to enhance what they learned in class. I have one helper. We always use Suzie and Billy when we’re “in character”. The first few weeks’ topic is “Family”. Here is the first one.

(prop: cake, ice cream, party hats and decorations, table, two seats, present, matches)

Hannah – Hi Billy. (looking bummed out)

Kevin – Hi, Suzie. (pause) Hey, Suzie. How come you look so sad?

Hannah – Oh. Because… it’s my birthday today and my family is too busy to celebrate.

Kevin – You mean, they are not giving you a birthday party?

Hannah – I don’t think so. My mom is too busy taking care of my little brother. She doesn’t have time to even bake a cake for me.

Kevin – Oh. That’s too bad. Hmmm. How about your dad?

Hannah – Oh, my dad is too busy too. He has to fix the bathroom because it broke.

Kevin – Oh. How about your sister?

Hannah – My sister is too busy studying for a test. All she does is read, read, read. She doesn’t have any time for me.

Kevin – Hmmm. I know. Why don’t we have a birthday party for you here?

Hannah – Here?

Kevin – Yes. Here. Come sit here. (both sit down) Let’s see, what do we need to have a party?

Hannah – Well…, we need a birthday cake.

Kevin – That’s right. Wait here a bit. (Kevin runs off behind curtain.)

Hannah – Hmmm. Wonder what he’s doing.

Kevin – (comes back with a cake) Here! I brought you a cake!

Hannah – Wow! That’s wonderful!

Kevin – Now we can celebrate and have a party.

Hannah – Hmmm. Something is still missing.

Kevin – Hmmm. I know. We need to have ice cream. We can’t have a party without ice cream.

Hannah – Yes. We need ice cream.

Kevin – (goes to the back and brings ice cream) Here you go.

Hannah – Wow! That was fast.

Kevin – Now we can celebrate and have a party.

Hannah – Hmmm. Something is still missing.

Kevin – Hmmm. Let’s see. I know. We are missing your birthday present.

Hannah – Yes. I am the birthday girl and I should have a birthday present.

Kevin – Ok, just wait a little bit. (goes off and brings a present box)

Hannah – Wow! A present for me!

Kevin – Now we can celebrate and have a party.

Hannah – Hmmm. Something is still missing.

Kevin – Hmmm. We have your birthday cake, we have ice cream, we have your present. What could be missing? (pause) I know. We need to have birthday hats and decorations. (goes off and brings paper hats and pop blowers) There you go. Now we can have a wonderful party.

Hannah – Yeah. But I still feel like there is something missing.

Kevin – (both thinking for a little while) What could be missing? We have your birthday cake, your ice cream, your present, and these hats and all the decorations. What could be missing?

Hannah – I don’t know. But it still doesn’t feel like a party.

Kevin – I know. I know. We are missing your family!

Hannah – My family?

Kevin – Yes! Your family! (sing family song together: I have a family. I have a family. My sister, brother, mom, and dad are in my family. God gave my family. He chose each one for me. God is so good and cares for me, through my own family.) You need your family to have a birthday party for you.

Hannah – Hey! I think you’re right! I miss my family!

Kevin – Let’s take all these things and go to your house and celebrate your birthday.

Hannah – Ok. Great! Let’s go! God gave me my family, and I want my family with me for the celebration!

by Hannah Park


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