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Baptism Madness – Puppet Skit

Puppet comes up dressed in scuba gear

Pastor :Look at you, looks like your planning to go the beach

Puppet: Well, I heard that you were talking about baptism today so I came to demonstrate what the children should wear to get baptized.

Pastor: Ummm, Dr. Moody the children won’t need any goggles, flippers or life preservers.

Puppet: What if the children can’t swim….Are there lifeguards on duty?

Pastor: The children don’t need to be able to swim. The water isn’t very deep and plus the Pastor is there.

Puppet: What about sharks! I heard about some shark attacks. The water can be a very dangerous place.

Pastor: There are no sharks in the churches baptismal tank.

Puppet: Well can we do cannonballs off the diving board, and splash the pastor?

Pastor: No! There is no diving board and you certainly can’t start plashing the Pastor!

Puppet: What the sense of having a swimming pool in the church if they can’t do any of these things in it?

Pastor: Its not a swimming pool its more like a big bathtub.

Puppet: Oh so can we bring our rubber ducky?

Pastor: No its not a place to take a bath or play. The baptismal tank is the place where we show everybody that we have decided to follow Jesus. The Pastor dunks the people under the water…

Puppet: What happens if the Pastor holds the people down to long…Some people can’t hold there breath very long.

Pastor: The Pastor doesn’t hold the people underwater…He simply dunks them in and quickly brings them back up. (Tell about the meaning of Baptism)

by Pastor Paul Anglemyer


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