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The Nuttiest Professor (Script)

The setting is a loud machine on, like a leaf blower, or vaccum sound.

Heather the professor: Turn off that strongabomb thinga ma jiggy! Turn off that strongabomb thinga ma jiggy!!

Amanda her assistant:(taps professor on shoulder) Its off already professor.

Heather: oh, oh, ok, ok, (rubs her chin in thought while walking back in forth as if in deep thought).

Amanda: Introducing the greatest nuttiest professor! She will now demonstrate an invisable dog trick!

(Heather gets a small hoop and shows audience the dog does such as jumping thru the hoop ,sitting and staying.)

Amanda: uh professor we can not see the dog, can anyone else out there see the dog?

Heather: Oh oh, I forgot! Hmmmm, I think I can, I’m not sure, never done it before ya know.

Amanda: (cries out) That’s my dog! Please bring him back!

Heather: ok, ok, lets see here, hmmm, I need a little electricity, and some chemistry and wal-la!

Amanda: wahhhhhhhhhhhh, it didn’t work professor! I think we should not rely on our knowlege alone, but ask God for his blessing and assistance in all that we do.

Heather: Hmmmm, sounds like a great idea, but for the record my dear, I thought of it first!

Heather and Amanda get on their knees and say: Heavenly Father, we ask for your blessing and compassion for our situation. we know you love us with all your heart and that our needs do matter to you. Amen.

Heather: OK, here we go, lil electrity, and some chemistry and ………
(loud popping sound can be a paper bag or balloon baby powder for smoke optional a little puppy appears.)

Heather and Amanda: YEA! (dancing around in circles).

Heather: Remember kids Proverbs 2:6 In everything you do, put God first and he will direct you and crown your efforts with success.

The end.

by Anita Marsell

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