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The Barry Winger

Barry Winger (must have cheesy game show music) comes out. He has four special guests with him today.

The first guest is Madame Babooska. She is a new age psyhic who believes the world just became. It was dark (lights go off) and then it was light (lights come on).

The second guest is Dr. Heidenburger, a german nerd-like scientist who has a very scientific explanation. The two guests begin to argue.

The third guest comes in. Marcel Ledbetter is a redneck who believes that the earth was created by martians. He and his cousin Billy Bob were out in the woods one night when they saw them there martians. They are start arguing and a fight starts to break out. Barry stops it and brings out his last guest- 10 year old Susie Dotson.

She tells everyone that God created the earth in seven days. She explains that God created this planet and all of us. The other three get mad and walk off, arguing with each other. Barry talks with Susie and ends the show with a few words about the right answer- God!

by Shannon Long

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