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Pigs forgive too!

Pigs forgive too!! – A Human/Puppet play


A pig – the puppet Oink or someone dresses as a pig
The father – Joe
The younger son- Ralph
The older son- Fred

Setting – a farm fence as puppet stage

Farm scene to be changed to cityscape – multi media/background OHP

papier- mache pigs

a bag of lollies if you want to hand out at the end


Farmer and two sons already working on the farm

Narrator & pig enter

Narrator: Hi I’m —(add name)—– and this is my Pig Pal Oink! We’re here to tell you a story

Oink: About pigs!

Narrator: No not about Pigs!

Oink: You said it was about Pigs?

Narrator: Not about Pigs but there are Pigs in the story. It’s about a farmer, Joe and his two sons Fred and Ralph.

Oink: A Pig farm?

Narrator: No! Not a pig farm – they didn’t even have Pigs

Oink: What sort of farm is it? Without Pigs?

Narrator: They didn’t ——oh just let me tell the story Oink

(Farmer & sons mime actions)

The youngest son Ralph didn’t like working on the farm, he wanted to live his life while he was still young, He wanted to have fun NOW!!!!

Oink: Whoooa Party Animal!!

Narrator: That’s right Oink. The father handed over the money to Ralph. And Ralph packed his bags and left for the city.

(Ralph moves down closer to audience leaving the farm behind) (Change farm to city)

He bought food and drinks for all the people he met, he showed them a really good time. And he just kept handing over his money for his new friends and

(Ralph hands out money to audience)

Oink: Party! Party! Party!

Narrator: Until there was no money left. – His new friends didn’t come around anymore he couldn’t buy food or pay his rent, he had no where to live.

Oink: Did the Big Bad Wolf huff and puff and blow his house in?

Narrator: That’s a different story – Ralph didn’t have a house any more because he ran out of money. To get money he had to find a job.

Oink: I hate work— poor guy!

Narrator: Ralph finally found a job – working with Pigs

Oink: WOW lucky guy!!!!!!!

Narrator: No you don’t understand Oink -these people didn’t even like Pigs they tried very hard to avoid pigs.

Oink: Stupid people! How could you not like pigs ——– we’re so cuuuute.

Narrator: OINK! These are people (pointing to audience)

Oink: Sorry

Narrator: Anyway Ralph was so hungry he wanted to eat the pig food.

Oink: What’s wrong with pig food? I eat it!

Narrator: People don’t! Ralph was really down

Oink: In the mud? (Excited)Narrator: No Oink. He was very sad. Then he realized that the workers on his father’s farm were treated better than he was. (Ralph thinking) If he went home…………..

Oink: What is his problem? He had a great job- he was working with pigs!

Narrator: (ignoring Oink) He could ask his father for a job —— that did it! Ralph went home.

As he got closer to home, his father saw him coming and raced——-

Oink: great a piggy back race!

Narrator: (exasperated) No Oink! – — When Joe reached his son; Ralph said—-

Ralph: Father I have sinned against God and you. I am not worthy to be your son-

Narrator: But Joe turned to one of his workers and said

Joe: – Bring the finest robe and kill the fattened calf Let’s Party!!!!

Narrator: The older son, Fred was really grumpy- he had stayed home and worked hard on the farm and did everything he was asked without complaint. Not once had his father thrown a party for him.

Oink: (to audience) 1….2…..3……oooooooooohh!

Narrator: The father said

Joe: Son you and I are really close. Everything I have is yours. But it is right to celebrate for he is your brother He was dead – Now he is alive; he was lost and Now he is found!

Narrator: When we return to God saying sorry for our sins God’s forgives us and celebrates our return.

Oink: OK! OK! I get the hint I forgive these people for not liking pigs. Now Let’s party!!!!

Narrator: Oink!!!

Hand out lolly bags

by Barbara Kissell

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