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Mercy – 2 Puppet Skit

CAST: Skip, Priscilla (puppets)
SCENE: Livingroom, Skip and Priscilla are “thumb” wrestling

S: Boy have I got you now. (He grunts a couple of times) I’ve just have to hold your thumb down a little bit longer…

P: Oh, no you don’t!!! (She twists away) I’m gonna get you!!!

S: Priscilla, you know that I’m the best there is!!

P: Nu, huh!

S: Uh, huh!

P: Nu, huh!

S: Uh, huh!

P: (Skip gets a good hold on her) Hey that hurts!!! Hey take it easy will ya? (PAUSE) Have MERCY!!! MERCY!! MERCY!!

S: Why should I? I’ll be the winner and the CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!!!!

P: Let’s stop a minute. Do you know what MERCY is?

S: Well, I thought you were trying to speak in FRENCH or something (he says MERCI with a thick FRENCH accent).

P: No, silly. I’m talking about Mercy!! The kind that God gives us!!!

S: I think I know what you’re talking about now. Isn’t mercy like when you deserve to go to jail and the judge sets you free…?

P: Or like when you deserve a big punishment…like from your mom and dad…and they choose not to give it to you.

S: Okay, I get it.

P: You know, with God, it doesn’t matter who we are or what we’ve done. God is ALWAYS merciful. The most important way God shows us his mercy is through his Son, Jesus. God sent sent Jesus to our world because he wanted to show us mercy.

S: Okay, I’ll show you mercy. Are you ready to start another game?
S&P (Together) One, two, three, four, I declare a thumb war….

by Layne Maki

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