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What is Easter all about? (puppet play)

You will need three “people” puppets, one “animal” puppet (I use a sheep), a piece of plain paper, and a pair of scissors.

HOST: Today, we are going to ask the question ” What is Easter all about? “, but firstly let me introduce you to my panel of guests. Representing the younger generation is Miss Know It All.

MISS KNOW IT ALL: Thank you for inviting me back on your show. Just ask me the question, and I will give you the answer, because I know everything.

HOST: Secondly, representing the older generation, is Mr. Don’t Know a Lot.

MR. DON’T KNOW A LOT: Although my name is Mr. Don’t Know a lot, I know heaps and heaps of things, so all you need to do is ask me the question.

HOST: Finally, representing the animal kingdom, is Shaun the sheep. Say “hello” Shaun.

SHAUN: Baa. Baa.

HOST: Thank you Shaun. If we have time, I will ask Shaun his opinion, but I don’t really think he will be much help at all. Today’s question is “What is Easter all about?” and I happen to know the answer myself. Easter is all about HOLIDAYS! Everybody I know goes on holiday at Easter, so that is the answer – holidays. However, just in case there are any other opinions, I will ask my guests the question. Miss Know it all, do you know what Easter is all about?

MISS KNOW IT ALL: I certainly do. Easter is not about holidays. Easter is all about BUNNIES! Everyone knows that Easter is the time that all the bunny rabbits come out.

HOST: Thank you Miss Know it all. That was certainly a very “interesting” answer. Now, Mr. Don’t Know a Lot, do you know what Easter is all about?

MR. DON’T KNOW A LOT: It’s certainly not about Holidays or Bunnies! No, Easter is all about EGGS! There are ordinary chicken’s eggs, but the ones I like best are those Cadbury Cream eggs. They are so delicious. I have heaps and heaps of them at Easter time. So that is your answer – Eggs.

HOST: Thank you Mr. Don’t Know a Lot. You certainly lived up to your name! Now Shaun, have you any idea at all what Easter is all about?

SHAUN: Baa. Baa. Baa.

HOST: Come on Shaun. Don’t be shy. Give us your answer.

SHAUN: Baa. Baa. I need a volunteer to help me.

SELF: (Holding up your hand). I will be your volunteer, Shaun. What would you like me to do?

SHAUN: Take that piece of paper and fold over the top right corner.

SELF: (Folding down the top right corner so that it meets the left edge, creating a horizontal fold). I have done that Shaun, what next?

SHAUN: Take the top left corner and fold it over.

SELF: (Folding as before except use the top left corner and fold down to meet the right edge, producing a “house” shape). Oh, I see it now, Shaun, Easter is about spending time at home with your families!

SHAUN: Now fold the paper down the middle.

SELF: (Folding as directed, to produce an “aeroplane” shape). Oh yes, now I understand. Mr. Host was right all the time. Easter is all about going off on holiday on an aeroplane!

SHAUN: Now, cut a strip off the paper, next to the longest edge.

SELF: On no, Shaun, that would spoil my aeroplane.

SHAUN: Just do as you’re told Mr. (name), and cut a strip off the paper.

SELF: Don’t you talk to me like that, you silly sheep. I will put you back in your sheep pen if you are not careful.

SHAUN: Just cut a strip off the paper.

SELF: Oh alright – though I am sure this is going to spoil my aeroplane. (Cut about a 1 cm. strip parallel to the longest edge). I have done that, Shaun, what next?

SHAUN: Open the paper up.

SELF: (Opening up the paper to reveal a cross). I think Shaun has given us the right answer. Easter is all about a cross but not a paper cross. It’s about a wooden cross on which Jesus Christ, God’s Son, died to take away our sins.

by Maurice Sweetsur, http://objectlessons.blogspot.com/

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