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Choices / Following Directions – Puppet Skit

Character: This character of ours is named George. He is a little slow, rather spacey puppet known for slowly staring off into space with his mouth hanging open while you are talking to him. You have to repeatedly call George’s name to regain his attention. He is then startled, shakes his head as if waking himself up, and then re-focus on your conversation. He talks in a slow, rather monotone voice that fits his mental disposition. In this particular skit, George enters with his head wrapped in a huge cloth bandage.

L = Leader

G = George

L: Good morning, George!

G: Good morning!

L: My, that’s a big bandage on your head!

G: (stares)

L: George (pause), George, … George!!!

G: Oh, hello!

L: I said, that’s a big bandage. Where did you get it?

G: The grocery store.

L: The grocery store? George, I don’t mean, where did you buy it, I mean how did you get the bandange?

G: They gave it to me at the grocery store.

L: George, we seem to not be understanding each other. I’m not interested in where you got the bandage; I want to know how you got the bandage.

G: (stares)

L: George, George…George!!!

G: Huh? Oh, I got it at the grocery store.

L: George, how, or better yet, why do you have the bandage?

G: Well, I went to the grocery store.

L: I think we know that already, George. So what happened when you got to the grocery store?

G: Well, I walked up to a door that had a Do Not Enter sign on it but I thought I would go in anyway.

L: But how did you get the bandage?

G: Before I could get the door open, some lady stepped on the mat on the other side and it flew open and hit me in the head.

L: Then what happened, George?

G: Well, that’s when I got the bandage.

L: What do you mean?

G: The manager came out and put it on my head. I guess I should have followed the sign.

L: You’re right, George. You had a choice to make. (George begins staring.) That’s what we are talking about today–making choices. And, too bad for you, you made the wrong choice, didn’t you George… George… George!!!

G: Huh? Oh, yes, definitely a wrong choice.

L: You didn’t follow the directions. Did you know that many times people do not follow God’s directions? They choose not to obey His Word and that’s a wrong choice. God’s Word contains His directions for us to follow. Not following God’s Word will lead a person to many wrong choices with consequences much worse than your bandage! Well, we’ll see you later, George. Why don’t you get some rest?!

G: I think I’ll follow that direction.

Copyright © 1990 Gary R. Linn

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