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Sir Lostalot and the Armor of God (skit)

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Topic: Armor of God
Characters: Sir Lostalot, Sir Wickedness, Lady Lucy, King, Trumpeter
Props: Helmet, sword, shield, breastplate, belt, trumpet, stick, knife


Trumpet = (sing) Dum, da, da, dum
Lost = Oooooh, (sigh)
King = (shout) Long live the King
Sir Wickedness = (Dragnet theme) Dum, da-dum, dum
Lady Lucy = (high voice) Help me!, Help me!
Won = (shout) Hooray!

Once upon a time in a land not so far away lived a gallant young knight named Sir Lostalot. He got this name because when he fought battles, he always lost . One day, the King sent for Sir Lostalot. As Sir Lostalot entered the throne room, the Trumpeter gave a great blast on his trumpet . Why have you sent for me?, asked Sir Lostalot. The King replied, Sir Lostalot, there is an emergency. Sir Wickedness has kidnapped Lady Lucy . We need you to rescue her. Sir Lostalot immediately ran to find Sir Wickedness and Lady Lucy. After Sir Lostalot challenged Sir Wickedness , Sir Wickedness bonked Sir Lostalot on the head, and of course, Sir Lostalot lost . When he returned to the throne room, the Trumpeter sounded his trumpet . The King stood up and gave him a helmet of salvation to protect him as he went back to rescue Lady Lucy . As Sir Lostalot began to fight Sir Wickedness , his pants fell down, and he lost . As he came back into the throne room, the Trumpeter gave another great blast on his trumpet . The King gave Sir Lostalot a belt of truth to wear. And so Sir Lostalot went back to fight Sir Wickedness . While they were fighting, Sir Lostalot slipped and fell into the mud. Again he lost . With another blast from his trumpet , the Trumpeter welcomed Sir Lostalot into the throne room. The King gave Sir Lostalot sandals. Sir Lostalot put on the sandals of the gospel of peace and then returned to rescue Lady Lucy . Sir Wickedness was very tricky and began to tickle Sir Lostalot’s tummy. He began to laugh so hard that he lost . The trumpet sounded as Sir Lostalot came back to see the King . He gave him a breastplate of righteousness to wear in battle. So again Sir Lostalot returned to fight. Since he could not tickle him, Sir Wickedness hit Sir Lostalot with a stick and knocked him to the ground. Yes, Sir Lostalot lost . When the trumpet sounded this time, the King hoped to see Lady Lucy , but she was not there. The King paced back and forth while Sir Lostalot explained. After explaining, Sir Lostalot received the shield of faith to protect him. This time, it seemed as though Sir Wickedness was losing, when all of the sudden, he pulled out a knife. Sir Lostalot had no weapon, so he lost . This time the King bent over and picked up something very special for Sir Lostalot to use. It was the sword of the Spirit. When Sir Lostalot met up with Sir Wickedness , he stood tall with all of the armor the King had given him. And now there was nothing that Sir Wickedness could do to defeat him. So, that day Sir Lostalot won and rescued Lady Lucy . As they returned to the castle, the Trumpeter gave a great blast of victory on his trumpet . The King jumped up and down because he was very happy to see that Sir Lostalot had won . From Sir Lostalot’s example, the entire kingdom knew from that day on that it was important to always wear the full armor of the King . THE END

Copyright © 1993 Children’s Ministry Today

This sample lesson is from the e-book “The Ultimate in Classroom Participation!

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