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How To Write Puppet Scripts

1. Know which puppets, and how many, will be used.

2. Decide what kind of stage is needed.

3. Keep the sketch short, due to attention span of listeners and fatigue factor of puppeteers.

4. Provide fast action.

5. Add suspense.

6. Vocabulary should fit age level.

7. Make lines short and concise.

8. Use lots of back-and-forth dialogue between characters.

9. Plan entrances and exits so children are not climbing all over each other.

10. Use simple scenery, if desired.

a. Makes play more believable.

b. Helps set time and place of the story.

c. Keep it simple. Elaborate scenery may detract from the puppets.

d. Make miniature sketch first.

e. Solid color background is adequate.

f. Scenery pieces can be cut out and attached to background.

g. Items such as trees, bushes, fences, houses, chairs can be cut from cardboard, attached to a rod and held in place by a child.

11. Music is effective, particularly to open and close a short play or story.

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