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Preschool Instant Lesson: Elijah and the Ravens

LESSON 20: Elijah and the Ravens

Activity: I Have a Message
Have the children practice being good messengers. One at a time they come to you. Whisper a command to them and tell them who to deliver the message to. They go to that person, deliver the message in his/her ear and return to their seat. The person who received the message then carries out the command. Continue doing this until all children have had a chance to be a messenger.

Sample messages
1. Turn off the lights.
2. Get up, walk around all the children’s chairs then sit back down.
3. Jump up and down five times.
4. Clap your hands four times then touch your nose.
5. Stand up, turn around then sit back down.

Tell the children that today’s Bible story is about some very special messengers…

Lesson: Fed by Ravens
o A Copy of the Story
o Cheerios
o A Bowl of Water
As you tell the story, have the children act out the story. Have one child pretend to be Elijah and drink from the bowl (using his hands). Have the other children pretend to be the ravens and bring Elijah food (the cheerios).


Sing some songs. Let the children choose some songs to sing together.
Once, long ago, lived a man named Elijah. Elijah was a man who loved God.

There was also a wicked king named Ahab. God wanted to teach the wicked king a lesson, so God didn’t let any rain fall for a long, long time. All the rivers and lakes dried up, and there wasn’t enough water for food to grow. The rivers dried up and the whole land turned brown. The people began to get very thirsty.

God told Elijah where to find a stream that hadn’t dried up. So Elijah walked and walked until he found the stream. It was right where God said it would be! Elijah got down on his hands and knees and took a big drink of water from the stream. Elijah was glad to finally get a drink. But he was hungry, too.

Elijah was all alone in the middle of the desert, with no food. But God knew Elijah was hungry. Early the next morning, God sent out a pair of shiny, black ravens with meat and bread in their beaks. They swooped down to the ground and landed next to Elijah. Then they opened their beaks and gave Elijah the bread and meat. Elijah patted the birds’ heads to thank them, and prayed and thanked God for taking care of him.

Then the ravens flew away. When evening came, the ravens appeared again. Once more Elijah prayed and thanked God. God sent the ravens every morning and every night with food for Elijah. And God kept water running in the little stream. God gave Elijah what he needed, and he’ll give us what we need, too.

Let’s say a prayer together to thank God for taking care of us. Thank you, God, for always knowing where I am and what I need, and for always taking care of me. Amen.

Art: Drawing a Mural


o Plastic or Paper Table Cloth or Large Sheets of Wallpaper

o Markers or Crayons

Put the tablecloth on the table. Have the children draw and color on the paper with markers. Encourage them to draw pictures of the ravens feeding Elijah.

Game: Ravens and Rattlesnakes

Have the children pretend to act like animals when you call them out. Be sure to include ravens- possibly last for effect and to remind them of this morning’s story. Make sure they understand that God takes care of us, too!

Story Review

Let the children who want to retell the story, and act it out if they want to. Let every child help as they want to do so…even if it means retelling the story 10 times!

by Angela Simmons


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