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1,2,3–You’re Out! (Family Devotion)

Suggested Scripture:
Romans 4:6,7 David says the same thing when he speaks of the blessedness of the man with whom God credits righteousness apart from works: Blessed are they whose transgressions are forgiven, whose sins are covered. (NIV)


Pack up some sandwiches and drinks and take the family to watch a little league baseball game.

Family Time:
(Have each family member tell about the most exciting part of the game. Use the following questions to aid discussion.) How did the umpire determine who won the game? What kept the other team from scoring more runs? How do the teams receive an out? It wouldn’t be difficult for a team to get up to bat and keep scoring runs if there were never any outs scored against them. If, when a batter gets up to the plate, he doesn’t have any strikes against him, then he will not be struck out. Strikes and outs for a baseball team are a lot like sins held against us. We can think of each sin as being a strike or out that will keep us from being winners that enter heaven. The Bible teaches us that no sin will be allowed into heaven. Since there is nothing we can do to get rid of our own sin, just as there is nothing a team can do to get rid of their outs, we must go to God for help. God is kind of like an Almighty Umpire. He can remove the sins that are being held against us, much like an umpire can remove an out that may be against a team.

(Write the names of each family member on a piece of paper. Then place several marks behind each name.) Let’s say that every line represents something you have done wrong. Maybe you were rude or got into a fight. You know that you will receive punishment for these wrong actions. let’s say that I want to forgive you for all of your wrong actions. (Erase the lines.) Now you have a clean slate. That is what forgiveness is. It is when the wrong things you have done are no longer counted against you. you are not going to be punished for them. Jesus forgives us of our sins. Only He can do that. When He forgives you, your sins are no longer counted against you. Since God is our only hope to have are sins forgiven, let’s pray and thank God for His forgiveness. If there is a sin you still need to ask God to forgive, you can do that now as we pray. (Lead in prayer.)Family Time E-Book

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