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Preschool Instant Lesson: Little Boy Jesus Lost

LESSON 18: Where is Jesus?!

Activity: Find Jesus!


o A Picture of Jesus

Hide the picture of Jesus and let the children try to find it. Let the child who finds it be the next person to hide it, etc… Tell the children that today’s Bible story is about someone who couldn’t find Jesus.

Lesson: Jesus Goes to Church


o A Copy of the Bible Story about when Jesus gets lost from his parents
o Make a Church Poster with four flaps cut open to reveal pictures that represent the story under them.

As you read the story, have a child come up when it is time to reveal the next picture. When finished with the story, let the children use the poster to retell the story in their own words.

Activity: Here is the Church

Do the finger play~ Here is the church, Here is the Steeple, Open the Door and See all the People. Add the following: Close the door and hear them pray. Open the door. They all walk away (On this last part, separate your hands and let the people walk away by moving your fingers on the table or your lap.)

Activity: Just for Fun


o Paper Towel Tubes, 1 per child
o Matchbox Cars, 1 per child

Tell the children that today we can travel much quicker than in Bible times because we have cars. Give each child a cardboard tube and a matchbox car to play with. Show them how to make the cars travel through the tubes and onto the table or floor.

Craft Fun: Make a Toy


o Cardboard Discs, 1 per child
o Toothpicks, 1 per child
o Crayons

Give each child a cardboard disc to decorate by coloring. Show the children how to make a spinning top by sticking the toothpick through the disc and spinning it.

by Angela Simmons

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