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Preschool Instant Lesson: What A Catch!

LESSON 17: What a Catch!

Craft: Goldfish Art


o 1 Fish Outline per child
o Goldfish Crackers
o Glue

Let the children glue goldfish crackers to the fish outline.

Game: Fishy, Fishy


o Masking Tape

Let the children play Fishy, Fishy, Under the Sea. You’ll need a large open area for this game. Have one child be the fishy and stand halfway across the room, facing the other children. Put a line of tape across the floor that the fishy must stay on. The other children line up at one end of the room and, after yelling together, Fishy, Fishy, Under the Sea, Fishy, Fishy, You Can’t Catch Me! they all try and run past the fishy without being tagged. Children who are tagged become seaweed. Seaweed must stand in one spot- the place where they were tagged, but they may wave their arms and try to reach out and tag children as they run by…

Activity: Gone Fishin’


o 1 hairnet for each child
o 5 construction paper fish for each child~ one each of red, blue, yellow, green, and purple
o A large sheet

Spread the sheet out in the middle of the floor. Scatter all the fish on the sheet. Give each child a hairnet. Tell them to go around the lake and catch one fish of each color to bring back to the boat (the table and chairs). Help children who need help. When all children are back at the table boat have them hold up each fish. Say, Everyone hold up your blue fish! etc. Tell the children that today’s Bible story is about some fisherman that couldn’t catch any fish…

Lesson: The Great Catch


o A Copy of the Bible Story
o Fish from the Gone Fishin’ Activity

Tell the children that you are going to tell them a story and every time they hear the word fish they should hold up a fish. Tell them it doesn’t matter which fish they hold up, just that they hold one up… When the story is over, tell the children that we should obey. The fishermen got so many fish because they obeyed Jesus!

Craft: Fish Nets


o The hairnets and fishes from the first activity
o Glue or Stapler & Staples
o Construction Paper headed I Will Obey the Lord
o Wiggly Eyes or Small Pom Poms

Help the children stretch out the hairnets and glue or staple them to the construction paper. Help the children attach the fish in the same way. They may glue wiggly eyes or pom pom eyes on their fish. Help the children use their pictures to say the following: I Will Obey the Lord Have them point to each fish as they say the words.


Peter was a fisherman. Every night, Peter and his partners, James and John, would climb into their boats and row out into the middle of a lake.

Peter, James, and John used big nets. They’d throw their nets into the water and wait for fish to swim into the nets and get tangled up. After the nets were full, they’d pull them out of the water and dump the fish into the boat. Then they’d take the fish to the market and sell them to people who wanted fish to eat.

One night Peter, James, and John were out fishing. They threw out their nets. They waited and waited and waited. It looked like they wouldn’t be catching any fish that night. The sun was coming up!

Then, suddenly, they saw a crowd of people coming. A man was talking to them. It was Jesus! Jesus told Peter to try to catch more fish. But they’d been fishing all night, and hadn’t caught a single fish!

But Peter wanted to obey Jesus, so he threw the net into the water one more time. And Wow! The net was full in just a few minutes! There were so many fish, the nets were tearing and the boat was about to sink. Yikes! There were fish flopping everywhere! Whew! Peter couldn’t believe all the fish they caught. It was a miracle!

He ran to Jesus. He decided to give up fishing and become Jesus’ follower. James and John decided to follow Jesus, too. They never forgot that fishing trip!

by Angela Simmons

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