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Preschool Instant Lesson: Hungry Lions

LESSON 16: Hungry Lions
Activity: The Whole World in His Hands


o A ball

Have the children sit in a circle and sing He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands, then pass the ball to one of the children. Sing the song again, singing it with the child’s name in it: For example, He’s got Abby Bryant in His hands… etc. Continue playing until each child has had his name sung as part of the song. Tell the children that the Bible story today is about a man that God took care of, even when he was in great danger!
Lesson: The Lions are Hungry


o A Copy of the Bible Story of Daniel in the Lions’ Den

o Stuffed animal lions or pictures of lions

o Masking Tape if you use pictures

o Flashlight

o Bible

Place the bible story inside your Bible, put the lions or lion pictures in another room, and put the sign Lion’s Den on the door of the room (ahead of time). Tell the children that you’re going on a lion hunt…Have them clap their hands on their knees for two counts and then together for two counts as you chant: We’re going on a lion hunt…We are not afraid…We’ve got our God…and our Bible by our sides… Continue this and have them follow you as you shine the flashlight ahead of you. Bring them to the lion’s den. Go inside and have them be seated. Tell them not to be afraid. Tell them that God will take care of you. After the children are seated, tell them the story of Daniel and the Lions’ Den (read it from inside your Bible). At the end, tell the children that God took care of Daniel and He will take care of them!
Craft: Lion Masks


o 1 Copy of a Lion Face per child

o Cheerios

o Glue

o Crayons

o Yarn

Have the children color their Lion Faces and help them glue Cheerios onto the beard and mane of the lions. Help them attach yarn through holes and put on their masks…
Craft: Edible Necklaces


o Cheerios
o Yarn, 1 18 strand per child

Make necklaces by stringing on the Cheerios.

Craft/Game: Spiders


o Chenille Wires (pipe cleaners), 3 pieces per child

Talk about how some people are afraid of spiders. Tell the children that you are going to make spiders they can actually play with! Hook three pieces of the chenille wire together to form a spider. Kids can blow these across the floor and have spider races!

by Angela Simmons

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