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Preschool Instant Lesson: Jesus’ Baptism

LESSON 21: Jesus is Baptized
Craft: Dove Reminders


o Paper Bird to Color, 1 per child

o One Clothespin for each child (with magnet attached)

o Feathers

o Crayons

o Glue

Give each child a bird to color. Have the children decorate their birds with feathers. Glue a clothespin to the back of each bird with the opening facing the top. Tell the children that the dove can be placed on the refrigerator at home and important reminders can be clipped to the clothespin. Tell the children that today’s Bible story is about when Jesus got baptized. He did this to remind us that we need to be baptized to. Being baptized reminds us and other people that Jesus died for us!
Lesson: Come to the River


o A Copy of the Bible Story About Jesus’ Baptism

Read or tell the story of Jesus’ baptism and explain to the children the importance of baptism. Make sure they know that baptism is an outward sign to other people that you have decided to live for Jesus and make Him the Lord of your life. After the story, let the children take turns being John the Baptist and baptizing each other OR divide them into pairs and let the pairs baptize one another.
Activity: Jesus Is My Friend Song

Sing these verses to the tune of London Bridge. Make up motions to use.

Jesus cares for you and me, you and me, you and me.
Jesus cares for you and me. Thank you, Jesus.

Jesus wants us to obey, to obey, to obey.
Jesus wants us to obey. I will-won’t you?

I love Jesus; he’s my friend; he’s my friend; he’s my friend.
I love Jesus; he’s my friend. I love Jesus.
Activity: Party Poppers


o A container of Bubbles and wand

o Party Blowers, 1 per child

Blow bubbles and let the children try and pop them with the party blowers!
Game: Jump the River


o Two large pieces of construction paper

Place the pieces of construction paper close together, but leave a small space between them. Tell the children that the space is the river, and the papers are the shore. Have the children try to jump the river by hopping from one paper to the other. After all children have tried, move the papers a little farther apart. Continue doing this until it’s nearly impossible to jump the river.

by Angela Simmons

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