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Preschool Instant Lesson: Little King Josiah

LESSON 15: Little King Josiah

Activity: Find the Scrolls


o Ten Scrolls of Paper

Hide the scrolls around the room and have the children find them. Let the children take turns hiding the scrolls for the other children to find. Tell the children that the Bible used to be written on scrolls like this. Tell them that today’s Bible story is about a young boy who was king and found the missing Bible scrolls in his temple.

Lesson: How Old is King Josiah?


o A copy of the Bible Story about King Josiah

o Bible Story Magnet Pictures: a crown; the number 8; a heart; a temple; ten commandments

o Metal Board

As you read the story, place the pictures on the board as an illustration. At the end of the story, let the children retell the story using the magnet pictures.

Activity: The Bible is a Special Book


o A Large Posterboard Arrow

Have the children form a circle. Place the arrow in the center of the circle. Have the children circle around the arrow as you play music. Each time the music stops, the child to whom the arrow is pointing answers one of the following questions from God’s Special Book (these are from stories the children have heard in PEP Club so far this year):

*Who were the first man and woman? (Adam and Eve)

*Who built an ark because God told him to? (Noah)

*What happened to the people who were trying to build a tall tower and rule over the world like God? (God caused them to speak different languages and they could no longer understand each other.)

*How old were Abraham and Sarah when they had a baby boy? (about 100 years old)

*What did Joseph’s father make for him that made his brothers jealous? (A coat of many colors)

*How many days did Joshua and his army march around Jericho before the walls fell down? (7 days)

*What caused the strong man, Samson, to lose his strength? (His hair was cut)

*What did Samuel’s mother bring him every year when she came to visit him? (a new coat)

*What did little David use to fight the giant? (a slingshot & stone)

*What was King Solomon’s special wish? (To be smart – or wise -)

*What swallowed Jonah? (a big fish)

* What did King Josiah find in the temple? (scrolls OR the Bible OR the ten commandments)

Art: Stenciling


o Stencils

o Plain Paper

o Colored Pencils

Give the children stencils, paper, and colored pencils. Let them make masterpieces!

Activity: Bubble Poppin’


o A container of Bubbles and a wand

Blow bubbles and have the children pop them. As the children pop the bubbles, they should say the Bible Verse, one word per bubble: I will hide God’s Word in my heart…

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