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Preschool Instant Lesson: Solomon Gets His Wish

LESSON 13: Solomon Gets His Wish
Activity: Wishing Well


o 3 Pennies per child

o A Large Plastic Bowl

Ask the children if they’ve ever seen a wishing well. Tell them that some people believe if they toss a coin into a fountain or a well, that their wish will come true. Let the children make 3 wishes and toss their pennies into the bowl. Tell the children that wishes that are made in this way don’t always come true. Tell them that we should ask God for things that we need instead of putting our faith in wishes. Tell the children that today’s Bible story is about a man who wished for something very special!

Lesson: The Golden Temple


o A copy of the story of Solomon and the Temple

Read the story to the children and explain why God is happy when we are not selfish!

Art: Paint With Water


o Paint With Water Pictures, 1 per child

o Paint Brushes, 1 per child

o Cups half-full of water, 1 per child

o Paper towels and Baby wipes for clean up

Give each child a picture from the paint with water book, a paint brush, and a cup of water (only about 2 inches of water is needed for each cup). Let the children paint their pictures. Leave in class to dry if necessary.

Craft: A Giving Bank


o Small Pringles Cans (1 per child) with a slit cut in each lid

o Construction paper rectangles to fit the cans

o Stickers

o Markers

o Tape

o Candy Coins

Help the children decorate their construction paper rectangles and glue them to the sides of their cans. Help them put the lids on their cans and drop their candy coins inside to take home. Tell the children that God is happy when we give! He wants us to be cheerful givers! Tell them to take their banks home to save money in.

Game: Shapes Hokey Pokey


o A set of shapes for each child

o Music (Tape player and Cassette, etc.)

Give each of the kids a set of shapes (circle, square, etc) and put the children in a circle. Sing to the Hokey Pokey tune: you put your square in, you put your square out. etc. as the children hold up the appropriate shapes!

by Angela Simmons

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