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Preschool Instant Lesson: A Giant Story!

LESSON 11: A Giant Story
Craft: Sheep


o 1 Sheep Outline per child

o Glue

o Cotton Balls

o Yarn

Show the children how to glue cotton balls on to their sheep. Thread a piece of yarn through the hole in the outline and tie a knot to make a hanger for the sheep. Tell the children that today’s story is about a special boy who took care of sheep.

Lesson: Who Will Fight a Giant?


o A copy of the Story of David & Goliath

As you read each line of the story, read it slowly and let the children act it out. J

Game: Get That Giant!


o Giant’s Face made out of posterboard

o Masking Tape

o Several Beanbags, Balls, or Paper Wads

Tape the giant’s face up high on the wall and let the kids take turns trying to hit the giant. (Remind the children that they shouldn’t throw real rocks!)

Craft/Music Activity: Make and Play Instruments


o Rice or Beans

o Plastic Eggs

o Masking Tape

o Oatmeal Containers

o Construction Paper

o Glue

o Markers

o Stickers

o Music (Tape player and Cassette tape, etc.)

Tell the children that David loved to play music on his harp. Help the children make maracas by putting rice or beans in plastic eggs and taping them shut! Make drums from oatmeal containers. Help the children decorate the containers with construction paper, glue, and markers! Play the instruments you make with music!

Activity: London Bridge

Play London Bridge with these words-

by Angela Simmons


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