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Preschool Instant Lesson: Hannah Has a Baby

LESSON 10:Hannah Has a Baby
Activity: Take Care of the Baby


o Baby Doll

o Cassette Tape or CD of children’s songs

o Tape Player or CD player

Have the children sit in a circle and play Hot Potato, passing the baby doll. Tell the children to pass the baby carefully~ to take care of it! When you stop the music and a child is holding the baby, that child repeats the memory verse after you: He cares for you! (I Peter 5:7)

After the game, tell the children that today’s Bible Story is about a special baby boy and a man who took good care of him for his mother.

Lesson: Hannah Has a Baby


o Story of Hannah & Samuel from a Children’s Story book

o A Box of Pictures on a String (Use pictures for the story, and attach yarn and numbered tags – in the correct story order – to the pictures. Place all the pictures in a box, but let the tags hang over the sides of the box.)

As you read the story, at the appropriate times, allow a child to pull out the right picture (start with #1, then #2, etc.). When you are finished with the story, tell the children that God always hears them when they pray. Let the children take turns retelling the story in their own words with the story strings pictures.

Craft: Samuel’s Special Coat


o 1 Plastic Trash Bag Vest for each child (Use white plastic kitchen size trash bags, and cut them up the front. Next, cut out a hole for the head and two holes for arms.)

o Glue

o Fabric Scraps; Cotton; Buttons; etc.

o Crayons & Markers

Let the children color and decorate their vests! Tell them that Samuel felt very special when his mother brought him a new coat each year. Let the children wear their vests home!

Activity: Painting the Church


o Large Paint Brushes

o Buckets of Water

Tell the children that Samuel lived with Eli at the church. Samuel helped Eli take care of God’s house. Let kids paint the side of the church or the parking lot with old brushes and water! (Make sure it’s pretty weather!) Get plenty of adult help for this outside activity, make sure to keep kids away from the sanctuary area to avoid disturbing the service, and be sure to keep the kids in a safe area, away from traffic. J

Musical Activity: Freezedance


o Music (Tape player and cassette)

Tell the children that sometimes when you have a special prayer answered, you feel like dancing for joy! Play Freezedance: Play music and let the kids jump, dance, etc. like crazy. When the music stops, the kids FREEZE.

by Angela Simmons


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