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Preschool Instant Lesson: Ruth & Boaz, a Real Love Story

LESSON 9:A Real Love Story
Activity: Ring Around the Rosy

Play Ring Around the Rosy, but use these words that came from WordAction Sunday School curriculum: (play as many times as the children like)

God’s love is amazing,

Children thank and praise Him.

Love Him, Serve Him,

We all bow down!

Tell the children that today’s story is a special story about love. Remind them that love is a gift from God.

Lesson: Ruth Meets Boaz


o Ruth & Boaz Story from Children’s Bible Story Book

o Story Pictures for the story

Tell or read the story using the story pictures, then let the children take turns retelling the story in their own words using the pictures.

Craft: God’s Gift of Love


o Gift Wrap, cut in the same size rectangles as construction paper (1 per child) and having flaps cut out in certain spots

o Construction Paper (1 per child) with large dots drawn in certain spots to correspond with the flaps on the gift wrap squares.

o Glue

o Gift Bows (1 per child)

o Marker

o Construction Paper Hearts (3 per child)

Give each child a piece of construction paper and 3 hearts. Have the children glue their hearts onto the dots on the construction paper. Next, help each child glue a piece of gift wrap to the construction paper, leaving the flaps open to reveal the hearts. Finally, have the children place a sticky bow on their gifts of love. Help them practice opening each flap and saying God…is…love!

Art: Coloring


o Coloring Page for this story (can be found in religious coloring book or online)

o Crayons

Let the children color the activity page. (You may want to give them straw or pieces of fabric to glue on, also)

Activity:Story Hunt


o Pictures from the Story

Hide the story pictures and have kids find them. Let the children take turns hiding them from each other.

by Angela Simmons


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