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Preschool Instant Lesson: Joshua & the Battle of Jericho

LESSON 7: Joshua and the Battle of Jericho

Craft: Jericho Horns


o Toilet Paper Rolls (One Per Child)

o Wax Paper Squares

o Rubber Bands (One Per Child)

o Pencil

o Markers & Crayons

Help the children make horns. Let them each decorate a toilet paper tube with markers and crayons. Place a square of wax paper on one end of the tube and secure it with a rubber band. Use a pencil to poke a hole in the wax paper. Show children how to blow the horns like kazoos.

Lesson: A City Falls Down


o Copy of the Bible Story (Find it in the Bible, online, or from a children’s Bible Storybook)

o Kazoos made during craft time

o Large Blocks

Have the children build a tower out of the blocks to use for the story. As you read the story, have the children act it out. Have them march around the tower of blocks and blow their horns when appropriate. Have them knock down the tower at the end of the story as they shout!

Activity: A Wall of Thanks


o One Poster Board Block for each child (Cut white poster-board into square shapes)

o Markers

o Glue

o Bag of other items to decorate blocks (Buttons, Sequins, Glitter, etc.)

o Stapler & staples

Have the children each decorate a block to make a wall for the bulletin board. Ask the children what they are thankful for and write Thank You, God, for toys (or whatever each child says) on each block. Then let the children use markers, glue, and other items to decorate the blocks. Help the children staple the blocks to the bulletin board under the heading God Can Do Anything, in a wall pattern.

Activity: Sidewalk Chalk


o Sidewalk Chalk

o Black Paper (optional)

Play with sidewalk chalk on the parking lot, a sidewalk, or on black paper! Make sure you have plenty of adult help, and permission if necessary, if taking the kids outside J

Game:What’s Missing?


o Any 10 items from the room

Place about 10 items on a tray. Have kids close their eyes while you remove one item. Have kids guess what’s missing each time.

by Angela Simmons

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