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Popcorn Surprise


o Popcorn
o Hot Air Popcorn Popper
o Large, clean sheet
o Bowls, one per child

Place the sheet on the floor near an outlet. Have the children sit on the outer edges of the sheet. Explain the dangers of the hot air popper to the children and make sure your helper is keeping close watch on the children for you. Tell the children that in the fall, a favorite treat is popcorn. Give each child a kernel of corn and tell them to hold the kernel in their hand and close their hand. Tell them to imagine the ear of corn that this kernel came from. Next have them imagine the ear of corn growing on a stalk. Next, have them imagine a big field of all kinds of stalks of corn growing. Tell the children that all the kernels on all the ears of corn on all the stalks is a lot of kernels of corn. They all seem like they’re the same! Tell the children we are the same way to God. There are so many people! Have the children place their kernels into the hot air popper. Put more corn in the popper. Once the children are away from the popper, turn it on (leave the lid off). The corn will pop into the air and all over the sheet. Have the children gather up some popcorn to place in their bowls. Have them pick up one kernel of the popcorn and taste it. Say, Just like you chose one piece of popcorn out of all the others, God chose you! Talk about how God loves each one of us in a special way even though there are so many of us! Let the children enjoy their popcorn.

NOTE: They will probably become thirsty so you may want to use this activity as part of snack time.

by Angela Simmons

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