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Preschool Instant Lesson: Joseph’s Coat

LESSON 5: Joseph’s Coat
Activity: J-E-A-L-O-U-S

o Seven Letters to spell out the word jealous (one set per child) These letters are in separate envelopes. Ask the children the following questions. After they answer each question, they choose the letter you tell them to from their pile. After all the children have chosen out their seven letters, show them how to arrange them so that they spell the word jealous.

1. Would you be upset if mommy bought your brother or sister a whole candy barand she only gave you a piece of one? (Pick up a J)
2. Would you be upset if your aunt came to visit and took your sister to the toy store and left you at home? (Pick up an E)
3. Would you be upset if your grandma took your brother home with her but left you at home? (Pick up an A)
4. Would you be upset if your mom and dad took the family to the fair and left you at home? (Pick up an L)
5. Would you be upset if your mom made the rule that everyone had to help withthe jobs around the house except your sister? (Pick up an O)
6. Would you be upset if your brother or sister ALWAYS got to sit next to your mom and you never got a turn? (Pick up a U)
7. Would you be upset if your mother talked about how smart and pretty your sister was to everyone, but she hardly ever talked about you? (Pick up an S)
Say, In our Bible story today some brothers’ jealousy led them to do a very wicked thing…
Lesson: No One Has A Coat Like Joseph’s
o My Bible~ 20 OT Bible Stories, pp 14 & 15

o The Colorful Coat Puzzle

o A Metal Story Board

Read the story, and as you read each highlighted part, have the children come up, one at a time, and put a piece of the puzzle on the board. When the puzzle is complete (and so is the story) tell the children, that just like Joseph’s coat is beautiful, they can trust God to make their lives beautiful, too!
Craft: Joseph’s Coat


o Grocery Bag Vests, 1 per child
o Crayons & Markers

Let the kids decorate their coats using the crayons and markers! Let them have a fashion show and wear their coats home today, too!
Activity: Joseph’s Brothers
o 10 Jacks
o 1 Bouncy Ball
Have the children sit in a circle on the floor. Place the ten jacks in a circle inside the circle of children.
Place the ball in the middle of the jacks. Have the children pretend that the jacks are Joseph’s brothers and the ball is Joseph. They are to think of kind respectful things they can do for family members.
Every time a child thinks of something kind or respectful that can be done, YOU bounce the ball in the center of the circle and the child picks up a jack and catches the ball. The object of the activity is to get all Joseph’s brothers picked up.

Activity: Parachute


o A Bed Sheet
o Balloons or Soft Balls

Use the sheet~ have children hold the edges of the sheet and bounce balloons or soft balls on it.
Activity: Kids’ Plan

Have the children tell you what they’d like to do. Make a list of their ideas and follow it.

by Angela Simmons

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