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Preschool Instant Lesson: Abraham & Sarah

LESSON 4: Abraham and Sarah
Activity: Will You Do It Game

o None
Have the children line up in a horizontal line across the back of the room.This game is similar to Mother- May-I. Instead of taking turns all the children listen to your question and respond with, Yes, I do. You then issue the command and they all may respond. In this game everyonewill be a winner when they reach you. (Adjust the commands according to your room size, so that they can reach you by the time you’ve finishedasking the questions.)

1. Mother asks you to turn the TV off. Will you get up and do it without saying, wait? (You may take 3 baby steps forward)
2. Teacher asks you to stop talking in class when she’s talking. Will you stop talking? (You may take 4 little hops forward)
3. Big brother asks you not to play in his room while he is at school. Will you stay out of his room? (You may take 1 giant step forward)
4. Grandmother tells you eating cookie dough is bad for you. Will you keep your fingers out of the mixing bowl when she’s not looking? (You may take 2 big bunny hops forward)
5. Daddy tells you to pick up your toys. Will you do it right away? (You may take 3 side-ways steps forward)
Remind the boys and girls that often we have to obey even though we can’t understand the reason for it. Only Jesus can help us do that. When someone asks you to do something and you feel like saying, no say a prayer for Jesus to help you.

Lesson: Can You Number the Stars?

o My Bible~ 20 OT Bible Stories, pp 12 & 13
o A large suitcase
o Clothing and other items to pack in the suitcase
o Sheet to make into a tent

As you read the story, have the children act it out with you. All of you should work together to pack the suitcase and get it ready to go. The children can take turns carrying the suitcase on your long journey. Travel to one corner of the room where you pitch a tent to live in (using the sheet). Everyone should get a turn to sit in the tent. Then, when you begin talking about Abraham’s people being more than the number of stars, turn off the light and pretend to be looking and counting the stars together. Talk about how old 100 years old is!

Activity: 100th Birthday


o 100 M&M’s

Have the children help you count the M&M’s by groups of ten. Count 1-10 over and over, putting each group of 10 in a separate Ziploc bag. Then, count by tens to 100 together. Then, pour the M&M’s into a bowl. Tell the children that Abraham and his wife were one year old for each of the M&M’s…100 years old! And God told them they would have a baby! Abraham trusted God and they did have a baby! Let the children share the M&M’s!

Craft: Star Stickers


o Small Star Stickers
o Crayons
o Abraham Praying Color Sheet

Have children color the picture of Abraham praying, then remind them that God told Abraham that his family would grow to be more than the stars in the sky! Let the children add star stickers to their coloring sheets.

Game:Simon Says

Play this game and let the children take turns being Simon.

Game: Hot Potato Surprise

Play just like Hot Potato, but pass around the bag of treats. The child who gets caught with the bag must answer a question about the story then gets to choose a treat from the bag. Here are some questions you could use:

Who, in today’s story, was a man who loved God? (Abraham)

Why did Abraham pack everything he owned and begin a long trip? (God told him to)

How many people did God say would be in Abraham’s family? (More than the stars)

How old were Abraham and his wife? (almost 100 years old)

Did Abraham and his wife ever have a baby? (yes)

Was the baby a boy or a girl? (a boy)

What kind of candy did we use to show how old Abraham and his wife were? (M&M’s)

What kind of stickers did we put on our coloring sheets? (stars)

Should we obey God? (yes)

Should we obey our parents? (yes)

Should we obey our teachers? (yes)

Does God always keep his promises? (yes)

by Angela Simmons

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