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40+ Preschool Activities

Here are some simple activities to use with preschoolers and Kindergarteners. Most require little or no advance planning!

1 Sing Mr. Noah Built An Ark instead of Old MacDonald Had a Farm
2 Play Act Like the Animals: hold up pictures of (or simply name) some animals and have kids act like them
3 Take a nature walk, collecting nature items in zip-loc bags. Bring the items back to class and glue them on cardboard or construction paper to make a nature collage.
4 Blow Bubbles Together
5 Play Hot Potato Surprise: Play just like Hot Potato, but pass around a bag of treats. The child who gets caught with the bag must answer a question about the story or say a memory verse and then gets to choose a treat from the bag.
6 Parachute: Use a large sheet. Have children hold the edges of the sheet and bounce balloons or soft balls on it.
7 Tents: Bring a bunch of bed sheets for the children to use to create tents. They love this!
8 Have the children tell you what they’d like to do in class one day. Make a list of their ideas and follow it.
9 Let the children take turns doing something in front of the class. They may choose to sing a song or tell a story or lead the class in a game or song.
10 Play Surprise Boulder Basketball: Before class, fill a plastic grocery sack full of treats/prizes. Wrap masking tape all around the sack and place it in a brown grocery bag. Tape the bag all around again. Tell the kids that it is a boulder (good to use for the 11 Easter story when the stone was rolled away). Let them play a game with it (Basketball in a laundry basket is fun). Then let them open the boulder and share its surprise contents.
12 Make friendship bracelets from toilet paper rolls. Cut a toilet paper roll in half cross-wise, then in half again. You should have 4 rings. Slit each ring so that you can place it on your wrist. Let kids decorate them.
13 Kids love to play with chalk- sidewalk chalk on the parking lot or chalk on boards or even chalk on black paper!
14 Play What’s Missing? Place about 10 items on a tray. Have kids close their eyes while you remove one item. Have kids guess what’s missing.
15 Story Hunt/Treasure Hunt: Either hide story pictures and have kids find them or hide items relating to the story and have kids find them.
16 Apple Prints: If you cut an apple in half sideways, you get a star! Make star prints with the apples and tempera or finger paints.
17 Painting: Let kids paint the side of the church or the parking lot with old brushes and water!
18 Put magnetic tape on the back of pictures and let kids play with them on cookie sheets. Make sure the cookie sheets work first-some don’t have enough metal.
19 Make maracas from tin cans, plastic eggs, or paper plates stapled together and filled with rice or beans. Make drums from coffee cans or oatmeal containers. Make horns from toilet paper rolls: place a small square of wax paper on the end of a toilet paper roll and secure with a rubber band. Poke a few holes in the wax paper with a pencil and then use like a kazoo!
20 Kids love to decorate big boxes! Make cars or houses!
21 Paint large coffee cans with bright paint and attach large, decorated index cards to the sides of the cans with spring-type clothespins to make cubbies for the kids to keep their papers and stuff in during class.
22 Cut chenille wire stems in half and use 3 halves hooked together to create a spider. Kids can blow these across the floor and have spider races!
23 Sing If You’re Happy and You Know It but let the kids come up with motions for it.
24 Make place mats by letting kids cut pictures of food out of magazines and glue them on construction paper squares. Cover them in clear contact paper.
25 Kids love to play with balloons and Punch Balls you can purchase at your local dollar store. (Be careful with balloons for toddlers)
26 Freezedance: Play music and let kids jump, dance, etc. like crazy. When the music stops, the kids FREEZE.
27 Let the kids be Simon for simon says.
28 Kids this age LOVE sensory activities~ For example, when telling the story of Jesus calming the storm, have the kids sit in a small tub or make a boat out of cardboard, squirt water and play a tape of ocean waves. You could even provide tuna for the fishy smell! Another example would be to take them outside to teach about the Sermon on the Mount or let them have an outside snack when teaching about the little boy who shared his lunch. OR let them actually hammer nails and saw (file or sandpaper) wood when teaching about Noah building the ark.
29 Play Duck, Duck, Goose but use words from the story like David, David, Goliath.
30 Play Don’t Fall in the Water- put a long strip of masking tape on the floor (or a long piece of yarn or string) and have kids pretend it is a bridge. They must balance by walking on the tape or string without stepping in the water.
31 Play Ring around the Rosy with these words: God’s love is amazing, Children thank and praise Him, Love Him, Serve Him, We all bow down!
32 Choose a short Bible Verse and play London Bridge with these words- Who can say the Bible Verse, Bible Verse, Bible Verse? Who can say the Bible Verse? It is Abby! (Insert name of child who is caught in the bridge- that child then tries to say the verse and becomes part of the bridge.) These words came from the Nazarene Sunday School Curriculum.
33 Work Puzzles~ store bought or home made.
34 Make play-doh creations
35 Color activity pages
36 Make puppets from paper bags
37 Play a musical tape and allow children to play instruments that they have made
38 Make rhythm streamers to play with to music- tape party streamers on large craft sticks or unsharpened pencils and let children play with them while music plays
39 Audiotape children singing or saying memory verses or telling the story and let them hear themselves on the tape OR if possible videotape them acting out the story and let them watch it
40 Have children make their own snacks like miniature cookie cutter sandwiches or waffles in a toaster! They love to spread jelly!
41 Spread out a large sheet on the floor and place a popcorn popper in the middle. Pop the popcorn with the top off the popper, letting the popcorn go all over the sheet. Have kids sit in a circle around the sheet and watch the corn pop. They love this! (Be VERY careful about the hot popper, though- you may need help!)
42 Play shapes Hokey Pokey- give each of the kids a set of shapes (circle, square, etc) and put them in a circle. Sing you put your square in, you put your square out. etc.

by Angela Simmons

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