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Pom Pom Praise and other fun tools

Children love to be creative when they praise the Lord.  They will clap their hands, wiggle their fingers, wave their hands in the air… but let’s admit – there’s only so much one can do with the human body.  We’ve found that offering the children some simple praise tools enables them to explore new ways to praise and worship the Lord.

We’ve compiled a large box full of praise tools, such as pom pons, flags, twirling ribbons, tamborines, etc.  The box is located in the sanctuary and the children (under the supervision of their parent) are welcome to use a praise tool during the Sunday morning worship time.  It’s a great way to get Children involved on Sunday mornings and it also makes them feel more like a part of the service on Sundays.

You’ll of course want to check with the senior pastor before making the tools available.  But we have found that the children are very inspiring using these tools on Sunday mornings.  Sometimes the adults will grab a flag or two!

Chadd Hatlevig

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