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Jesus Loves the Unloved

Power Point: Jesus loves the unloved and unpopular person.

Matthew 11:11 I tell you the truth: Among those born of women there has not risen anyone greater than John the Baptist; yet he who is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he.

Supplies: several items you know a child would want such as a dollar, a candy bar, a super-ball; and one item that even if you gave it away a child wouldn’t want such as an old dirty, smelly sock

(Have the items lying out on a table. Choose a child to come up to the front.) I want to do something very special for you tonight. I want to give you all of this stuff on the table. You can take it with you when you leave. Here’s a bag to put the items in. Why don’t you go ahead and choose what you want, and remember that you can have it all. Choose one item at a time and before you put it into the bag, hold it up so everyone can see what it is. (As they hold each item up, tell what it is and how nice it is.) Well, it looks like you picked up everything you want. Why didn’t you take this old dirty, smelly sock? I know it’s nasty, but you can still have it. (Hold it up toward their face.) Here, you can put it in your car as an air freshener. Let’s put your bag over here for now and you can get it at the end of class. Thanks for helping me. Some of us wouldn’t even take something given to us if it wasn’t nice. How many of you wouldn’t want an old dirty, smelly sock even if I gave you one. If we were choosing friends to be with, there may be some people we wouldn’t want around us. That’s really too bad. Did you know that Jesus chose someone to be His disciple who wasn’t a very popular person. People didn’t like Matthew because he was a tax collector. Tax collectors were known to be crooked thieves. But Jesus chose this very unlovable person to be one of His disciples. Matthew even wrote one of the gospels. God loves all of us. It doesn’t matter where we live, what we look like, what kind of vegetables we eat, or what kind of clothes we wear. Jesus loves all of us, even those who may be unpopular or not liked by others.

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