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Mission Possible

After having a veteran missionary speak in our church we learned that he and his family had to leave everything in Africa following the unrest in that country. The missionary has been reassigned to Panama (a new field of service) in one year after attending language school. They will have to completely set-up housekeeping. They literally left with the clothes on their back and a few personal belongings.

The first night of VBS in our church we challenged our children to raise $100 in coins to send to this missionary family and explained the situation to them. We also told them that we would celebrate their success on Friday night with a moon walk. We place a large water jug (the kind you see in offices) at the back of the sanctuary. We brought the jug with some coins already in it so it wouldn’t be empty. Wow! Did the kids respond. By the end of the week they had collected $333 in coins. They loved watching the coins in the jug rise each day, and were very proud of their accomplishment. It was a fun way to raise money for a wonderful project. It didn’t cost the church anything, and every child could participate.

by Marsha Hood


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