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Halloween Alternative

Halloween is the only time when people willingly open their doors to people (children). At our church we take this opportunity to share the gospel and invite our neighbors to church.

Our children dress up in bible, character or occupational costumes. We allow the children to go up to the doors of waiting neighbors. After they answer the door they say Hi we have a TREAT for you and want to invite you to our church. They hand them a book marker which includes our address and church name. It also includes dates and times of services. The other side reads a scripture verse and a taped on sealed life savor. Next to the candy it reads Jesus is the Real Life Savior.

The children do not accept candy. Some reactions included comments like God Bless what a wonderful idea and others said What church? Wow this is really something!.

We returned to the church for candy, games and lots of fun. Each year the outreach has grown.

by Barbie Courter


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