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Creating Special Events

Look for opportunities to create a new event….. Pentecost is coming up June 8. Around that time, we will have a special afternoon of activities where we teach God’s story of giving us the Holy Spirit. We’ll use a variety of medium: art, story-telling, snacks, puppets, etc. Prior to the event, we will canvas door-to-door our target neighborhood with flyer/invitations. The goal is to plan a time when we are likely to catch the most people at home so we can talk with them personally. This gives us the chance to offer a ride to those who need it. We will talk about it for a couple of weeks in Sunday School, so our regular children will be excited about the afternoon and will invite their unchurched friends.

During the event, we will teach God’s word, play, create and hopefully have a great time. We try to always plan something to do for the following Sunday-either art that is displayed or a skit/play that the children invite their parents to come see.

You can plan an event like this around many themes. We have done Valentine’s-God Loves You themes, Jesus’ Last Supper (learned more about it, the history behind it, and why He gave that gift to us), Thanksgiving (celebrated from God’s perspective of all we have to thank Him for), etc. The point is to find a day on the calendar that you can make special around God’s Word and invite kids (or families) to join you.

by Sharon


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