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Increasing Sunday School Enrollment

Here is an idea to increase Sunday School enrollment. Make tags (Walmart has gift tags w/hole in them in their crafts dept by papercrafts) w/smily face and add a gold star for each friend a Sunday school student brings with them to class. We used a piece of yellow and a piece of gold narrow ribbon for the necklace part. We requested that the Pastor have the honor of awarding the one who brought the friend. He was happy to oblige! Kids are requested to bring the same necklace to add stars. It also helps to let the parents know about this outreach, so it can be a success. The kids love the recognition and they love welcoming in the new kids. The new students get caught up in the excitement too because they are at the center of it and get to hear about Jesus, sometimes for the very first time.

God Bless!

May Perez

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